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The OIT Security Team is continuously looking for new ways defend the security of the UCI network as well as the hosts, applications, services, and data residing on it. One of the ways we try to accomplish this is by using tools to look for vulnerabilities of hosts and applications on the UCI network, the same types of vulnerabilities that hackers will look for to compromise your systems and data. The difference is we let you know about them so you can fix them, preferably before the hackers exploit them and cause real damage.

We approach this in two ways:

  • Periodic campus-wide scans - Periodic scans OIT Security runs on all hosts connected to the UCI network looking for the lowest of the low hanging fruit, the most exploited and easiest to fix vulnerabilities hackers attempt to attack us with every day.
  • Specific detailed scans by request - By request, we offer a suite of tools and services that can be run against specific networks, hosts, web applications and databases comprehensively looking for very detailed security vulnerabilities and in some cases actually penetration testing trying to exploit those vulnerabilities.

Please visit the links above to get more detailed information on each type of service we run.

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