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  • How to access OIT LDAP with Apache Directory Studio
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Apache Directory Studio can be used to view data in OIT LDAP.  This article explains how to setup Apache Directory Studio to connect to OIT LDAP.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download and install the Apache Directory Studio.

  2. Launch the Apache Directory Studio.

  3. Click on File > New  and select LDAP Connection under LDAP Browser.  Click Next.

  4. Enter LDAP connection parameters and click Next.

    Public LDAP

    Non-Public LDAP

  5. Enter login credentials if accessing Non-Public LDAP or select "No Authentication" for Public LDAP and click Next.

  6. Set desired LDAP configuration settings and click Finish.

  7. Enter your password when prompted to validate connection settings.


Visit the OIT web site to read more information about OIT LDAP.