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The monthly Payroll reports, including the PPP530, are available online through the Electronic Document Library (EDL)

  • These are the same reports that may have been printed and distributed to departments before July 01, 2016,
  • You will also find that in EDL there are copies of your reports going back for 10 or more years, for viewing and reference, or optional printing.

Below are steps to view and save these reports as PDF files to your computer.  


  • If at any point a window doesn't open, it's likely that your browser is blocking pop-ups. Please partner with your local OIT support (or call the OIT Help Desk) for assistance with unblocking pop-ups from EDL,

  • These steps imply that you have access to EDL. If you do not, please partner with your DSA to request access to Payroll (PPS) Reports EDL in SAMS,
  • The reports you'll see will be based on your level of access in SAMS. Your access in SAMS is beyond the scope of this document. Your DSA can assist you if you have further questions.
1Login to Zotportal ( with your UCInetID and Password. 
2Select the Faculty & Staff tab and then select Applications. 

On the right under the heading My Applications, select Electronic Document Library (EDL)

Note: If you do not see it under My Applications, scroll to the bottom and look for it under Restricted Applications.

4When your first login a Java Security Warning pop-up box appears. Simply check the box that reads "I accept the risk and want to run this application."  Also, click the blue arrow next to Hide Options and check the box that reads "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above." When finished, select Run. 
5Select Reports. 
6You will then see another Security Warning pop-up box. We recommend you check the box that reads "Do not show this again..." & then select Allow. 
 Click under Reports in Red on the + Report to expand reports.
8 Click on the top icon with paper magnify glass to locate Report 
 9Type in the Report number in Report ID example PPP530, click on Right icon paper magnify glass to locate Report


 10A list of reports appears for PPP530, select which date of report to print, and click on the + sign to expand report which pulls up Payroll home department number. 

A new window will appear with your report; however, if you are using Firefox the screen may be grey. 

To resolve this:

  1. Click on the Format icon (white paper icon with black arrows on it) to see it in the old format (HTML or Image).
  2. A window will pop up, and PDF is selected by default. Select HTML or Image instead and then select the Refresh icon (with the green arrows).

You'll now see the report in the old HTML/Image format.



 12Select the Download Pages icon (which is a white "paper" icon with a blue arrow pointing to the right). 

If you wish to save just the single departmental report you are currently looking at:

  • In the pop-up window, specify Current Section, format PDF, uncheck the Compress PDF checkbox and then click on the right the Create Download page icon.



If you wish to save all the departmental reports for this month into one big file:

In the pop-up window, specify All Pages, format PDF, uncheck the Compress PDF checkbox and then click the Download pages icon.

 14You will see a dialog box. In IE you can open or save or in Firefox select Save File and then OK. The file will appear in your Downloads folder. 
 15 Go to your Downloads folder, double click the .pdf which will then open in Adobe Acrobat.  The document is searchable and all other .pdf features apply. 








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