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  • Duo Hardware Token Process for UCI Health Employees
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Users (with email delivery point looking to use hardware tokens for both UCI and UCI Health should be given the following information.

1.  Users will need to procure their own Yubi Key Tokens from the following site and must purchase a Yubikey FIPS Series token.  UCI Health will not process requests for Non FIPS Devices.  



Once users has obtained their key they will need to open a service desk ticket to UCI Health – Data Security Team with the following information “Serial Number, Private Identity, and Secret Key”


UCI Health Service Now -  Navigation. – Service Request – General Request – In description supply required information below.


01231337, 0c 87 99 55 78 ee, a4 d0 93 a9 bd 09 e1 24 e9 17 b6 72 03 56 a1 3b


OIT will hold configuration slot 1 of the Yubikey and UCI Health will hold configuration slot 2 to eliminate confusion if their keys need to be regenerated without affected exiting registrations.


How to get this information how to is available at the following site:


If the users is unable to generate keys they can drop off they keys with UCI Health desktop support team or arrange for a zoom meeting to step them through the key generation.


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