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In an effort to better protect sensitive data contained within the OIT wiki, users who are enrolled in Duo MFA will be required to use Duo when accessing the wiki.

If you have the Duo Mobile app installed on your phone, sign in to the wiki as you normally do. After you select Login, a Duo push notification will be sent automatically to your mobile phone. Please be aware that you will not see a confirmation message on the Confluence login page indicating that a Duo push has been sent: you must check your phone for the Duo push request.

If you are using a Duo hardware token (OR if you are not receiving push notifications on your mobile phone), you will need to enter your password, followed by a comma, and then the 6-digit Duo passcode into the password field in the following format: password,passcode

NOTE: Do not put a space after the comma.

If you are not enrolled in Duo, you will continue to log into OIT Confluence in the same manner as you did before. However, Duo will eventually be required for most campus systems that now require login. To enroll in Duo, please visit


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